Migration to Magento 2 or a safe alternative?

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Migration of the store to Magento 2 or a safe alternative?

Author: Tomek | added: 18 August 2020

End of support for Magento 1

Magento is one of the most recognizable and popular open-source platforms in Poland. When the new, second version of the software appeared in 2015, few users decided or even thought about migrating their stores. The situation changed this year.

At the end of June, support for Magento 1 ended, which caused a lot of confusion for a lot of users. The main problems you have to take into account are:

  • No updates or patches for the software
    After Adobe has withdrawn from support for Magento 1, the only option for users is to troubleshoot problems on their own or help of an experienced Magento developer (additional cost).
  • Security issues with the first version
    With the end of support for Magento 1 and the abandonment of updating the platform, you should take into account a decrease in the security of the store on the Internet. This will be caused by increased hacking attacks, as it is known for a long time that their targets are most often the non-updated system.
  • Magento 1 development stopped and no new solutions
    The goal of any e-commerce platform is to constantly pursue and keep up with market demands. Without new solutions that appear in the second version of the system and alternative solutions, you will not be able to maintain the level of competition, and your store will be slower, less efficient and much less secure.

In conclusion, the users of the first version of Magento were faced with a difficult choice. One of the options is to upgrade the system to version 2, which comes down to database migration, template, extensions and dedicated solutions. In most cases, specialist knowledge is required to create new solutions or outsource work to programmers. Both the first and the second are associated with high costs and long implementation times.

The second option for users is to look for an alternative in the e-commerce market. An example would be type systems SaaS (Software as a service).

Advantages of SaaS systems over open-source

  • you pay one price for the subscription which also includes the cost of hosting
  • the software vendor is responsible for updating the store engine
  • you have access to technical support in the event of various types of failure
  • no need to have your own programmer or specialist knowledge
  • ready-made modules for integration with courier companies and payment systems
  • preferential rates with companies cooperating with our supplier

Choosing the right solution

When deciding to choose a SaaS software provider, you need to consider what requirements should be met by the platform you are looking for. Important factors are the cost and method of settling accounts with the supplier, the company's position on the market, the size of the transferred or planned online store. It is also worth finding out what solutions are used by similar companies on the market.

If you are not skilled in e-commerce, it is worth relying on the help of external and experienced companies Image Design. With our help, you will be able to choose the most suitable choice on the SaaS store market. We will also help you run it and add new functions or modernize it.


When approaching the migration from Magento 1, it is worth asking yourself whether this investment will be profitable and durable.

What if there is a newer version of the software and it will be necessary to repeat the tedious and costly process of updating the system?

IN Image Design we will help you go through the stage of implementation or relocation of the store to take the burden of technical matters off you.

We will also help you choose the optimal solution in the subject of open-source solutions.

Are you planning to migrate from Magento 1? Would you like to open your own online store?

See our offer or contact us and together we will decide which development path to choose 🙂

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