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Software and digital products for demanding customers

We are happy to create dedicated software for your company or if you want to create a digital product for your clients, we will cooperate with you. We provide complete outsourcing of services. So far, we have carried out orders for the creation of complex plugins on WordPress, we implemented dedicated services and software for our clients and partners. We create software in PWA technology and Mobile-First. At each stage of the project we provide: recognition of customer needs and research, development of detailed project specifications, Design UX, UI and graphic design, programming, implementation, tests and optimizations, support and development.


Vue.js programming
React.js programming


Maria DB databases
Firebase databases


CodeIgniter programming
Dedicated IT services - CakePHP


REST API programming - ImageDesign
SOAP API programming - ImageDesign

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How are we doing

Stages of project implementation

  • 1


    First, we undertake a preliminary project analysis, based on conversations and our own research, we make an estimate (from - to) and develop initial project assumptions.

  • 2

    Technical Specifications

    We prepare a detailed specification, taking into account not only the assumptions and needs of the customer, but also many years of experience that allows us to see the subtle nuances in the smallest details of the project.

  • 3

    UX Design

    In the next step, based on the specifications, we prepare an animated software mockup that allows you to trace and verify work-flow, intuitiveness and legitimacy of the solutions used.

  • 4


    After the client accepts the mock-up, we start programming and implementing the project. We work modularly and similarly implement the project, we test / verify and improve the code many times before we give our clients for testing.

  • 5


    Submission of the project is not the end of work for us. We provide full substantive and technical support long after the implementation of the project.

  • 6


    If in the future your software will require changes, improvements, integration or expansion, you can count on attractive discounts for long-term cooperation and priority implementation.

what you get

Software & more primarily:

  • Costs control

    We value projects by the hour (from - to), but if we exceed the upper limit of the valuation, you pay nothing more than what we agreed for. And it happened that projects valued at 80 hours. we did more than twice as long 😉

  • Flexible approach

    Our team will take care of you comprehensively (which you could have read about above), but if you do not need a graphic design, you have a specification or project-manager from outside - no problem, we will adjust work-flow to your expectations.

  • Timely implementation

    With us you can be calm about deadline, we always make every effort to deliver projects on time. However, if, due to our fault, we do not fit within the agreed deadline - be sure that we will compensate you.

  • Competitive prices

    We work in a small team of specialists. Low fixed costs allow us to offer lower rates than the competition, thanks to which we provide high quality products at decent prices.

  • Full service

    We are not a typical Software House, but we have specialists in the team not only in programming and coding, thanks to which you can do much more with us, without the need to break down into several specialized agencies.

Understanding the needs and timeliness - these are the two biggest problems of cooperation with companies in the field of IT. ImageDesign denies all stereotypes, working with them is a pleasure that allows us to develop our business in the right direction.
Marek Wróbel
e-commerce manager,
sample prices

Flat hourly rate, no expensive surprises

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Hourly rate

Our hourly rates start from 110 PLN net / hour working

We can afford such attractive rates mainly because we work in a narrow group of specialists and run the company in a minimalist spirit - we do not generate unnecessary fixed costs, and we keep all internal financial obligations as low as possible, thanks to which we can offer competitive rates in hand in hand with the highest quality of services. In addition, we are open to negotiations and ready to reduce the rate, e.g. at the expense of extending the completion date, or in response to sensible customer arguments 🙂

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Price Guarantee

If we underestimate your project - we take costs on ourselves.

Projects are valued in hours, based on the initial analysis, showing you the lower and upper limits of the estimated implementation costs. An example quote could therefore be "from 50 to 90 hours". In practice, this means that if we implement the project in less than 50 hours (and we have not yet overestimated any project) we issue an invoice for 50 hours of work. However, if it turns out that we underestimated the project (which - unfortunately ours - happens much more often to us), you do not pay a penny for the extra time spent on the implementation of your order - we take the extra time and the cost on ourselves.

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