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Top 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work only on an hourly basis?

We work with different clients, often website designs or individual ones service orders we appraise as a flat rate for all works, and constant cooperation within Outsourcing of E-commerce Services we settle in hourly packages, but even in this situation we make exceptions and we always try to respond to the client's needs.

Do you keep time records?

Yes. Our clients get access to dedicated service panel, in which they have insight into implemented tasks and orders, invoices and payments. As part of the billing, they also receive hourly reports, which clearly show how much time each task took.

Will my data be safe with you?

We store your data in distributed architectureand all of them files are divided into separate blockseach of which is secured with 256 AES encryption method. For giving different access levels we use the 0Auth protocol. You can also request access to all your files and data at any time.

Do you also provide clients with work files?

Always. We do not try to keep clients in check in any way. All graphic designs or other data are sent and made available on request. Also in a situation of cooperation cooperation, we provide clients with a set of files, which are then permanently removed from our disks.

What is the notice period?

The notice period is one month. Usually, we need so much time to complete all your data and files and transfer them to you in a secure way (preferably directly at the meeting). We also keep a one-month notice period in order to complete any work or provide complete information to you or the persons or companies you indicate.

How to report failures, problems or reports as soon as possible?

We always process applications established in the first place dedicated service panelthat our customers have access to. We also accept and process applications by email and telephone, and in exceptional situations (e.g. in the absence of Internet access) we give them a high priority and process them first.

Do you work locally with clients?

As required, we are ready to pack a backpack and check in temporarily at the indicated place 🙂 Most often, on the occasion of more complex implementations, we are always on site and work hand in hand with our clients until they feel confident.

What is the resignation from services for the annual plan?

The annual plan is prepaid for the whole year of cooperation and only in the case of annual cooperation the package prices are lower. In the event of termination of cooperation before the end of a full year, the amount deducted from the full amount paid by you is for the months worked (according to the monthly settlement price list), and the remaining amount is reduced by 3% (for the handling fee related to handling the invoice correction and processing your resignation from cooperation) and we refund you by bank transfer within 21 days of accepting resignation from cooperation. You can find more information about service packages HERE.

Do you anticipate discounts for OPP and NGOs?

Of course. For Public Benefit Organizations, Associations, Foundations and NGOs, we provide a dedicated service called "IncubatorNGO". In practice, as part of cooperation, we provide services at lower rates and guarantee extended payment terms in exchange for promotion on the website or promotional materials of the Organization. More about the offer #InkubatorNGO We will post it on our website soon.

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