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Customer Service Panel for our clients!

"Be a benchmark for quality. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected." Steve JobsNews Customer Service Panel for our customers! Author: Alek | Added: 01 March 2021 ...


Migration to Magento 2 or a safe alternative?

"The innovation process is by definition in conflict with conventions" James WestlandArticlesMigento 2 store migration or a safe alternative? Author: Tomek | Posted: 18 August 2020 End ...

Website positioning thanks to simple measures

How to take care of website positioning?

“An ideal search engine would understand all the things in the world and would always give you the right answer. We are still a long way from such a situation. "Larry PageArticlesBasics of website positioning in search engines A ...

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How to avoid the waterfall effect during implementations?

I'm just as proud of the many things we haven't done as of the things we've done. Innovation is saying "NO" to many things.Steve JobsArtykuły Waterfall effect - understand and avoid Author: Tom ...

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Tips and tricks

Configuration file - config.php

ArticlesConfiguration file - config.php Author: Daniel | Added: 9 March 2020 The configuration file works well for large (multifile) applications. He adds to ...

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IT outsourcing. Why is it worth

If there is something we can't do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, it doesn't make sense for us to do it and we should hire someone to do the job better than my Henry FordArt ...

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Internet marketing? Nothing hard!

When you start with what matters to your client, you'll be entitled to their attention. Jake SorofmanArticles Internet Marketing? Nothing hard! Author: Tomek | Posted: 2 March 2020 SEO SE ...

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Social marketing in a nutshell

Good marketing makes the company look like bright guys. Great marketing makes the client feel like a smart dude.Joe ChernovArticles Internet Marketing in a Nutshell By: Tom | Added: 17 ...

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Securing access data

ArticlesSecurity of access data Author: Daniel | Added: 14 January 2020 Access data security is one of the basic skills used in the pro ...

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Limiting the consumption of server resources

ArticlesLimitation of server resource consumption By: Daniel | Added: 14 January 2020 With the development of our website, we will start to notice significant drops in the liquid ...