How to efficiently manage traffic and avoid server overload


After analyzing the market needs, we have created a complete solution for websites that may become overloaded with too much traffic. better traffic is an innovative traffic queuing system dedicated to stores and websites, which functions as a virtual waiting room. It is fully compatible with Google Analytics and easy to adapt according to the client's guidelines and server capabilities.

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Websites / Traffic Queuing
The scope of implementation:
Creating a comprehensive solution to handle sudden traffic jumps in websites and online stores
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As a company that deals with comprehensive service of shops and websites, we always try to meet every customer need. This was also the case with the better traffic idea.

We had to make sure that every user or customer of the store would be able to use the site, and that traffic would not be able to block its operation. The whole process consists in queuing traffic on external, independent and flexibly scaled servers, which allows for efficient and effective handling of any number of visitors.


After brainstorming and analyzing the solutions used so far on the market, we have developed the entire idea of the queue operation and the technologies that will be necessary for its implementation. Then our FullStack Artist Daniel started the project from the backend side. After many hours of hard work and tests by the entire team, we have achieved satisfactory results. It was possible to determine how many people are admitted to the site, how long after inactivity another visitor is allowed to the site and many other functions of the queue.

The second step was to create a project from the visual side of the demo, which would present the possibilities of our solution well, and at the same time easy to reconstruct with the guidelines of a specific client. Thanks to the attention to detail, the whole thing looks professional and is fully compatible with Google Analytics, which allows you to check who and in what number visits the site.


The result of our work is better traffic - a comprehensive system to handle large numbers of visitors. The entire implementation is on our shoulders with each order. We are also able to rebuild the appearance of the waiting room according to the guidelines and provided materials. Depending on the selected package, the queuing service has additional functions.

The whole can be seen on: