How to avoid unnecessary commissions in the hotel industry


At the client's request, we have created a website for apartments located in Opole. The whole thing is built using WordPress and properly selected and configured plugins. Apartment reservations are automatically updated with to avoid duplicate orders. The BlueMedia online payment module has also been added.

S-Mok Real Estate
The scope of implementation:
Website design, booking synchronization with and adding the BlueMedia online payment module.
Website address:


Large costs related to the commission for renting accommodation facilities on portals such as or TripAdvisor?

How to get rid of them and allow you to increase profits and recognition of your hotel or apartment?

The ideal solution is to create your own website with an independent payment system and full synchronization of the booking system with existing accounts on hotel portals. In this way, we can avoid high percentage rates for a made reservation and become independent from external websites.

We faced this task when creating the Vision Apartments website. It was necessary to design the appearance of the website, add content and high-quality photos, and configure the entire booking and synchronization system between the website and the customer's account on the portal. The last task was to connect the BlueMedia payment system in order to automate and streamline the booking process.


The first step was to invest in the right WordPress tools to create a hotel module. Then we created the site in accordance with the guidelines provided by the client. After adding and styling the content and photos - elements typical for every website - we started the right part of the task - plugin configuration Hotel Booking.

We created a price list that varied depending on the number of people staying in the apartment, the type of apartment and the days of the week. The next step was to synchronize the reservations that will be made via the website with the system. After the automation of this process, the payment module was connected using WooCommerce and the BlueMedia gateway.


The entire project was carried out quickly and did not cause a lot of problems. Thanks to continuous contact with the client, we were able to adjust both the appearance and operation of the site exactly according to his guidelines.

The method and means we use allow us to create an accommodation facility website in just 7 days!

If you want to get rid of onerous commissions from each reservation in your hotel or apartments, please contact us!

We will take care of both the implementation and the continuous operation of the created website depending on the selected offer.