We have tamed gamification with the power of Black Peter ...


For our own needs, we have developed and implemented an incentive system based on elements of gamification. The popular series of card games turned out to be the inspiration for the project: Munchkin. While playing together, we came up with the idea of implementing the author's "card game", drawing from the mechanics and a large dose of this popular game.

Image Design
Marketing / IT
The scope of implementation:
Development and implementation of the corporate card game "Black Peter" as a tool in building the company's image and employee motivation.


Gamification in company marketing - an example

How to motivate employees to take the initiative and engage not only in building the company's image, but also shaping the internal culture and strengthening positive values? Is it possible to simultaneously improve the company's competitiveness and internal motivation of employees, if we really want something more from them? The answer is: YES. If we manage to combine the needs of the company and employees in the right proportions, we will receive excellent tools with a really wide spectrum of applications. This is confirmed by last year's Research Talent's lms Survey (source), which show, for example, that:

  • Employees say gamification makes them feel more productive (89%) and happier (88%) at work,
  • 43% employees didn't even notice any elements of gamification at work,
  • 83% people participating in gamification training feel motivated, and 61% people participating in traditional training complain of boredom and lack of motivation,
  • 89% those participating in the study believe that they would be more productive if their work contained more elements of gamification,


Gamification in company marketing - an example

First of all, we engaged the whole team in the work and during a brainstorming session we wrote down most of the cards and the accompanying actions, we also discussed the rules of the game and possible restrictions on some cards. It is extremely important that employees are involved in the project, have the opportunity to actively participate in the planning of gamification strategies - after all, they know their needs best and if as a boss I expect them to be more involved in running Social Media channels, I also have to propose something from myself (e.g. an additional joint dinner during the week, or an additional bonus), and the team knows exactly what they want :).

The very process of inventing cards raised the moral in the team and gave us all a lot of fun. Each of us had the space to propose our own cards and related actions. In the next stage (also together) we discussed each card in turn, subjecting Veto to those that seemed too claimant to some side. Finally, we discussed the rules of the game, the form of the card draw and its frequency. The next stage was the graphic design and printing order for our long-term partner - Eurocent printing house from Opole, with which we often cooperate in the implementation of various formats (from standard, repetitive orders to large, unconventional projects).


Gamification in company marketing - Czarny Piotruś

You can follow the effects on our Instagram and Facebook, where we keep you informed about the state of the game 😉 I think we are one of the few companies (not only in the industry, but in general on a global scale) where employees cannot wait for Monday (yes , this is the day we deal the cards 🙂)! To be honest, I don't know if I would have written this Case Study if I hadn't drawn "Blogbustera"(For the uninitiated: You want to please the boss. Show yourself this week and write an article on the company blog. The subject of the article is indicated by the boss. As you can see, who digs holes under whom, the same falls into them).

If you would like to learn more about our strategies for using gamification in building the image and competitiveness of the company, or you just want us to develop a twin version of our card game, tailored to the needs of your company, hire us 🙂